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One can gargle of “culture”, maintain great conversations on art as with the "café du commerce" and be presented in the form of a well of learning able to consider works preserved or not in invaluable collections or prestigious museums.

One can also maintain a controversy while defending oneself to be conventional all while resting on what is commonly allowed to think.

One can also keep silence.

One can moreover be touched by a painting or a music, and one can say “I do not know nothing there”.

One can in the same way just like  me tell a package of stupidities and one can say art is anything.

Indeed, art is anything. Because it is the main idea between the illusion of everyday life and the life of the hearts, the soul and the ego, the lie and the truth.

And it is for this reason that it belongs to everyone. Because everyone has a soul, a heart, an ego and a everyday life. But life makes us unequal to the plan of the conscience and honesty. And this is where art is the own of human being.


One can admire the mastery.

One can admire the beauty.

One can admire the creativity.

One can admire the originality.

None of these criteria are absolute but all are indissociable. And, in my opinion, if a work does not join together an ounce of each one of these elements, it is not art, because it does not communicate anything. In any case not with the soul. And all the more does not contribute to the harmony of the world.

Our world lived. Like any entity with its apogee, we can note that all was done and us to feed about it. Yes, but which? and from which point of view? as well of other undoubtedly I am capable to consider that I have seen enough. I have known love, loneliness, the money, the deficiency, the transformation, death, the achievement, the gifts of life, the fight and even peace, the traps, the suffering and the pleasure, which did I do know? I by of delighted and greet you well low… Our world knew all that and much more. War, destruction, the genocide, cataclysms, euphoria, masterpieces, obscurantism and of immense cultural richnesses… (did it know about love?)

But which can claim our time is over? and you who is twenty years old, didn't you live all that a little? I note that we do not know 5% of mankind's history (it is about the utilization ratio of our cerebral capacity which is quite lower than that of Cetacea).


What strikes me, it is that the only revealed pages of our history are those in which the religion mitigates the political obscurantism and vice versa. Moreover, we inevitably rewrite our history in the course of time and of its acceleration. So much that we will end to empty it of any substance. As we do it naturally ourself. isn't this the sign of an obvious lack of honesty? isn't it curious to observe that whenever political bankruptcy occured in the history, religion was pretext with the appropriation of the power? thus the worship of the supreme being during the french terror times, or the contemporary blossoming of a myriad of sects which almost seized the power in occident. Wouldn't it be interesting to wonder why? Because the man has a soul or a oneself, because its conscience is thirsty for truth. And as this one is not absolute in this low world, as the consideration of the ego as such is quite heavy and than lie is essential to the appropriation of power, we are too fragile not to gather us around a faith. This inescapable link which enables us to agree on our worst weaknesses when it is called a church.


Should not it be enough  to just look at the society the way it is,  to understand that each one of us is an alternative holder to its bankruptcy?

Admittedly, it should already be understood that it is a bankruptcy. Then, it is necessary to be detached from all the false hopes which it could make germinate in us. And especially, it is necessary to have courage to assume that oneself only is able to generate this alternative.


In theory, it is here that I make leap the ex soixante-huitards repented and besides much only leave this world to get along. After me to have reproached for making short cuts, to claim with a theory of the plot, to be sour, negative and pessimistic, and especially, in their for interior, to disturb them. Such an amount of worse the big brothers, you did not understand anything but it is never too late for making well, you know…


We summarize. To better understand me, it would patiently be necessary to take note of what follows and to admit it, even if you call it in question: it will be always time to check my statement after (does it of it almost is lived).


I would like to very summarily take again the exaggeratedly summarized history of second half of the 20th century of which

1945 were the culminating point like the apocalypse. The world is destroyed. Nothing of what existed previously seems to have resisted… Nothing, except, west of Brittany, a small village of irresistible American. Yes, these even which go from now on guaranteeing of our incomparable civilization. And, let us grant to them that they have what to claim it: a) “in god we trust”: the Christian values b) the dollar c) the bombs d) oil E) the direction of the appropriation. Until there nothing low register, since it do not do anything less although what the United Kingdom and France as colonial great powers of pre-war period had carried out: bliss of Fascism (going until causing the accession with the power of the Nazis by bleeding Germany with white by the treaty of Versailles) and annexation of two thirds of planet.

the Fifties: military decolonization, final and absolute instrumentalisation of the armament and oil to the financial plan.

the Sixties: completion of the financial recolonisation.

1971: abandonment of the gold standard. The dollar is the supreme Master.

1984: first large stock exchange ace. Wall Street is re-silvered. Modernization of the financial system, birth of the automation of the money. The Sects American such as the scientology touch with appogé. It will be supplanted by tools like Internet. In the whole world, the soixante-huitards returned on their premises and cocoonent merrily by smoking a fancy refer unbeknownst to their children. They benefit from their material wellbeing by tasting the joys of consumption unslung.

1989: died of laughing, Soviet planted itself!

Here, it is finished! was it well, not?


This short bracket to consider how a currency sucked the blood of the others before sucking the blood of itself (world dollar trade basis, I did not invent). And the euro? born from union from remainders from Europe in bankruptcy (even if the economist does not admit this term), it remains a virtual currency which has equal only its fictitious transactions. The best proof is than it is about to swallow the near total of the resources (or pseudo-resources) financial of this country (Europe).

As example, let us take the operation of France, model leader of economic and political degeneration. The average of imposition is there above 56%, absolute world record (more especially as taxation, direct as indirect is proportional to the deficiency of income there). A balance of the exchanges resting only on its straightforwardly roasted financial shutter, a trade balance presenting an external deficit comparable with the GNP. Public utilities in the process of disappearance, put except for the established budget at the law and order: a national police, a national police force, a municipal police most of the time made up of uncultivated gangsters. We can be made proud to have the most important police force of the world. And let us remunerate we it without stumbling by the means of our taxes and the infringments to which we are more and more inevitably subjected. It is not serious will you say, even if we are not inevitably aware of it, we all are involved in debt on several generations and we do not possess anything. In France, there is no inflation. The proof, it is that the price of vegetables has more than triplet these last years (1 kg of potatoes in 2000:10 hundreds, in 2010:2 euros) the gas is almost more expensive than electricity, oil more than the gazoil which with increased recently by 20%. in short everyone knows it, it does not have there more inflation. We are in depression-deflation! At the same time it is not serious, if the wages have not actually increased for more than fifteen years, it has there no more that precarious employment and only 30% of the working population work. What is well also, it is that like one produces nothing any more, it has there only the trucks, the cars and the nuclear power plants which really pollute since we do not have the choice of energies. but we don't care, there is Internet, google, facebook, the access providers who are already in situation of quasi monopoly. And it is true that these media still offer possibility of access to the communication and competitive prices. But for how long? What can one think that it will occur of the companies which are referred there? Will there be a long time the choice to consume elsewhere than on these media or not to consume?


Then I can seem negative, but who will oppose a contrary argument so that I advance. And who can peacefully claim to be honest and affirm that "all is for best in the best possible World"? you awake Mesdames and Sirs the soixante-huitards that our parents did not understand: some of them fought for the good being and freedom, not the consummerism. And while you puff out to your grandchildren (not all, I know…) we still undergo this old plague of so expensive facism at the 20th century. If systemic plot there is, it rests on the absence carefully maintained scale of adequate value of each one of we who still swallow work, family and fatherland! blooming, the love and fraternity it is well too. That allows the self-knowledge and exchanges and it is not reserved to the “idealists”.


Then, one can think that will go inevitably better tomorrow.

One can think that nothing is seen, that one did not come yet to seek us on our premises to imprison us or torture us.

One can think that the delinquency is about to explode, but that the law protects us.

One can think that at all events dad and mom we will give a knack, that one can count on his wife or her husband cherished whom as each one knows is infallible.

One can  say nothing at all and give oneself some royally while benefitting from the last moments as much as possible.

As one can think that one is above that (have a good trip).


In any case, we all can do something: to be honest with oneself and not to save themselves, to take for truth what it east is to uncover the lie, to know oneself and to better know the others, to refuse the fight but not to hide.


Such painter may paint like the David, Poussin, Dali, Bosch or other, but if its message is single, it makes art. Because he tends to favour the individual, not the common agreement.



L. Aubin

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